Conference Online


Peter Drahos Regulatory Capitalism, Crisis and Commodification: What Role for Information Environmentalism?
David Brennan The Root of Title to Copyright in Works
Cheryl Foong Making Copyright Content Available in the Cloud vs The Making of Copies: Revisiting Optus TV and Aereo
Gil Hardwick Owning, Knowing and Entitlement: Connecting with Country
Nikos Koutras The desirability of open access as a means of publishing and the desirability of open access as a means of publishing and disseminating information: Time to recast the relationship between commercial publishers and authors?
Megan Fitzgibbons Sustaining the Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons Through a Systems Ecology Lens 
Susan Corbett Country Code Top Level Domain Names: Should They Be Redefined as Property? 
Ken Shao Public Domain in China: A Historical and Empirical Survey
Nic Suzor The Responsibilities of Platforms 
Matthew Rimmer The Paris Agreement: Intellectual Property, Greenwashing, and Climate Change

Kylie Pappalardo

A Tort Law Framework for Copyright Authorisation

Andrew Hubbell

What Nature Poetry Can Tell Us about Agency and Authorship in an Information Environment

Paper / Powerpoint

Graham Greenleaf The Ideology of Big Data

Online Presentations

Jessica Coates: How the Information Commons is (or should be) Inherent in Copyright, and how It is (or isn't) being Recognised in Australian Policy Today

James Boyle: Information Environmentalism @ 20 (nearly)


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Book Review

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